Waarom lederen schoentjes voor mijn baby?

Why leather shoes for my baby?

The advantage of a family business is that a lot of knowledge is passed on, unwritten, not rehearsed, but simply, as part of the family story, part of your identity!

Stabifoot has been using leather for the production of shoes since 1936 (!).

But why exactly?

Well, leather has the same properties as our skin, with pores. When it is hot, our skin "sweats", thanks to the pores the body temperature remains stable.

By choosing leather shoes, you are actually giving a second skin to your child's feet.

The heat from the feet will not remain trapped (as it does in synthetic shoes) but can simply go outside and breathe.

That is why, after so many years, we believe that using leather in our baby shoe production is still the right choice!

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