Hoe weet ik of mijn kindje de juiste schoentjes heeft?

How do I know if my child has the right shoes?

You want the best for your baby, that's logical.

We believe that the human body is made perfectly !

That is why every Stabifoot shoe is produced taking the shape of the baby's feet into account.

You will see, wider at the toes, narrower at the heel. This way we ensure that the toes have enough space, not only at the front to grow, but especially in width!


A baby opens its toes wide to provide extra stability!

Since Stabifoot not only looks at the look (and of course they are the most beautiful shoes), we ensure that the shoes offer the necessary space, especially in width!

In a next blog we will talk about the space at the toes, lengthwise!

Have a great day! 



Eline & Ilse






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